amethyst amethyst sage astraeus jasper azurite malachite banyak warna bat cave jasper belvade jasper biggs jasper
binghamite black jade bloody basin blue chalcedony burro creek cady mountains canadian river carrasite
cascadia plume charoite cheetah agate china blue ice chinese dendritic chrysocolla chrysocolla hematite chrysocolla quartz
chrysoprase confetti agate coral petrified cottonwood pass crayola jasper death valley plume dinosaur bone dryhead agate
dumar stone east java plume explosion breccia flower jasper gaspeite gem silica green jade green springs
guatemala jade guadalupe poppy henderson horse canyon howardite imperial jasper jade kaleidoscope
labradorite lapis lazuli larsonite lavic jasper lepidolite marra mamba maw sit sit montana agate
mookite jasper morgan hill poppy morrisonite moss agate mozarkite mushroom jasper noreena jasper ocean dream
ocean jasper olmec jade opal oregon cascadia owyhee jasper parrot wing pietersite pigeon blood agate
plasma agate plomosa plume plume agate polka dot agate pope creek poppy priday plume prudent man prueheart plume
purple jade purple silica regency rose rhodochrosite rhodonite rosella opalite rose quartz rutilated quartz
sagenite agate sarape agate snake river agate sonora sunrise spectrolite strawberry rutilated sugilite teepee agate
thulite tiffany stone tiger tail jasper trent agate turquoise variscite verdecrosite vesuvianite
vistaite jasper vonsen jade williamsite willow creek wingate pass other new sold


Guatemala Jadeite

Carrizal Grande Blue Jadeite Outcrop

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Trent Agate Sun Test

Trent Agate Sun Test Link

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Black Jades Project

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Phosphosiderite Questions

Phosphosiderite Rough and Cabochon

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